Black Annealed Binding Wire Manufacturers

Black Annealed Binding Wire Manufacturers

Black annealed wire finds its usage in weaving and baling in general. This wire, which is also known as black annealed iron wire, is made of carbon steel wire and also used in erecting huge structures and residences.

Black annealed binding wire manufacturers acquire annealed wire from thermal annealing adding some essential properties to it for its main use. Black annealed binding wire is used in civil construction and agriculture. Since it is used in civil construction, annealed iron wire is also called burnt wire, which is used for iron setting. While in agriculture, people use this dark annealed wire for bailing hay.

Pankaj Stitching Wires, one of the leading black annealed wire suppliers, offers you the best range of annealed biding wires like mild steel black annealed wires, MS black annealed wire, black annealed wire and wire ropes wire with efficient and timely delivery.

We provide higher quality black annealed wires, which are made of superior grade raw materials and best known for their tensile strength and longer service life standards. If clients require, we can manufacture them according to customized needs. It is evident from its name that black annealed wire is known for its plain black color and is primarily processed into spool wire, coil wire and big package wire. However, on customers’ request, we can straighten and cut the wires into U type wire or cut wire. Apart from civil construction and agriculture, black annealed binding wires are also used in parks and daily binding.

Some of the striking features of black annealed wires are high durability, fine finish, better quality and corrosion resistant. We manufacture black annealed wire in diameters similar to galvanized iron wire, i.e. from 5mm to 0.15mm (wire gauge 6# to 38#).