Round Stitching Wires Manufacturers

Pankaj Stitching Wires: One of the Best Round Stitching Wires Manufacturers

Pankaj Stitching Wires, one of the trusted round stitching wire manufacturers, has set itself apart from its competitors by providing the best quality round stitching wire to our clients spread across the length and breadth of the world. Since rust-free stitching wires are in great demand, we have acquired expertise in manufacturing the same over the years. By providing the best quality round stitching wires, we have achieved the status of one of the leading round stitching wire manufacturers in India.

Our manufacturing units are equipped with high quality machineries to produce 100% rust-free, eco-friendly and unbreakable stitching wires. Superior quality stitching wires ensure long life of stitching machines and their parts. The stitching wires are primarily employed for book binding wire stitching.

Pankaj Stitching Wires, a reliable stitching wire supplier, manufactures perfect stitching wires that can be used in regular and loop stitching applications. We offer these stitching wires in bright finish with zero tolerance for specialty work.

Our stitching wires easily resist breaking and offer superior bending and forming features. Appreciate our high quality stainless steel stitching wire that works well in all automatic and imported stitching machines.

At Pankaj Stitching Wires, we never compromise on quality, and therefore, we maintain clean and bright finish that is free of excess oil and dirt. This will facilitate your operators who will enjoy trouble-free de-spooling and low maintenance requirements.

Nobody can afford downtime at manufacturing unit, and hence, we ensure consistent tensile strength, steady wire size and standardized coating. This guarantees more consistent operations at our clients’ workshops.

Our stitching wires are lead-free and have successfully passed RoHs tests, and therefore, these wires are best for binding children’s books.

Winding stitching wires in spool form makes sure high speed automatic stitching machine. These stitching wires are primarily used for book binding and print finishing of magazines and periodicals.


What our clients get…

Pankaj Stitching Wires, your first choice as stitching wire suppliers, provides high stitching speed on all types of machines and stitching heads. Unlike other stitching wire exporters, we apply robust adhesive zinc coating without any layer of dirt, and this protects stitching head. We optimize surface structure and technical lubricating for low friction resistance. Our mechanical properties are well-maintained and thus, they provide failure-proof processing at our customers’ facilities. We apply eco-friendly coating on stitching wires; this provides anti-corrosive element to our products.

Now check out the size chart given below and get in touch with our professionals to tie a long term business association. Remember that we want to become a one-stop solution for all your wire related requirements. Let’s work to build a better business relationship.


Size (in ISWG) SIze in mm Meters Feet Appearance Packing
18 1.22 110 355 Round, Clean, Shinning, As per customers specification
19 1.05 149 489
20 0.91 195 640
21 0.81 250 815
22 0.71 320 1055
23 0.61 430 1410
24 0.56 520 1700
26 0.46 760 2495