Staple Wires Manufacturers

Staple Wire: For Superior Binding Properties

Staples form an integral part of household stationeries. And staples are also used in several binding solutions. Sensing colossal requirement of wire staples worldwide, Pankaj stitching Wires manufacture corrosion free staples wire. This means, our wire staple can sustain vagaries of any unfriendly climate across the globe.

Stapling wires manufactured by Pankaj Stitching Wires are riveted with aluminum and aluminum alloy wire material; this makes it suitable for the system nail and the line uses. We can easily fulfill our customers’ requirement of different packaging solutions.

Pankaj Stitching Wires is a fast emerging manufacturer of staple wire and staple pin wire. It is widely known that these staple wires are primarily used in manufacturing of staplers pin. Apart from fine wire stapler, we also manufacture bailing wire. We make stapler pin wires of mild steel coated with zinc by galvanized method; this strengthens stapling wires and enhances its binding properties. We offer stapling wires in size ranging from 0.60mm to 1.80mm; the tensile strength of our staple wires is 700 - 1600 N/mm2. We also offer customize solutions as per customers’ requirements. All we need to do is to enhance or reduce the heardness, coating and galvanization. Our wire staplers are used in bookbinding, leaflets, brochures, catalogues etc.

Pankaj Stitching Wires is a celebrated name in manufacturing and exporting best quality wires for staples. We are the first choice as staple wires makers in India.


Raw Material SAE 1018 -1065
Diameter of Wire 0.60mm – 1.80 mm
Tensile Strength 700 - 1600 N/mm2