Stitching Wire on Spool Manufacturers

Wire on Spool: Get Specialized Stitching Wire on Spools

In our endeavors to supply customized products, we at Pankaj Stitching Wires offers an array of wire on spool and other packages for our esteemed clients. Our inventory of stitching wires on spool boasts low carbon and high carbon wire in any of the spools (check the dimensions given below).

We can offer electro galvanized stitching wire, hot dipped zinc coated stitching wire, bright annealed binding wire and stainless steel wire on spool. Our spools are of different size, ranging from 0.30mm to 1.20mm. If our customers demand, we can also provide stitching wire on spools and galvanized stitching wire on spool. Primarily, these spool wires are used for weaving for making wire mesh or tie wire for binding process.

Pankaj stitching Wires is one of the leading exporters of various spools, which include plastic or wooden spools and wire wound on iron spools. Our stitching wire on spool is further used by PVC coated wire and binding wire manufacturers.

To ensure zero error at manufacturing level, Pankaj Stitching Wires has installed automatic winding machines, which eliminate twisting and loosening of stitching wire on spools. Apart from common spools, we also export specialized spools to our prestigious clients.

Stitching wire on spools has its own benefit. Our customers get tangle-free stitching wires, hence, they can make the most of what they buy. Moreover, stitching wire on spool means there is little waste of wires they purchase from Pankaj Wires. It goes without saying that our wires on spools perfectly adapt to your requirements. Now go ahead and call us for long term association.

Spool SD 300
weight 15 Kg.
A 300 mm
B 212 mm
C 52 mm
D 103 mm
Spool K 355
weight 45 Kg.
A 355 mm
B 224 mm
C 52 mm
D 200 mm

PE can supply wire on any of the spool dimensions given below.

SL No Type Flange Dia Barrel Dia Length Traverse Bore Winding Capacity Weight Of Bobbin
2 SD2 00 200 105 55 45 51.5 5 Kgs 260 gms